Chemical vapour deposition (CVD) of aluminium oxide

LWB owns ultra-modern reactors for depositing dense nano-particulate aluminium oxide films on inorganic particles. We are using this technology to improve the luminescent materials we produce. The protective coating supports the following effects:

  • considerably longer life in the target light sources (Hg low-pressure lamps, electroluminescent lamps, LEDs),
  • improved processability and stability of the luminescent materials even in water-based suspensions,
  • reduced absorption of mercury and, thus, less chemical luminescent material decomposition in fluorescent lamps,
  • changed surface charge of particles;
  • improved miscibility of luminescent particles and the binder.

Upon customer order, LWB coats materials from its own or third-party production. Generally speaking, this kind of surface refinement improves the properties of many inorganic particles. Interested? Please contact us for a trial run of your materials in our test reactor and to discuss the required steps and prerequisites.

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