Luminescent UV materials

Luminescent UV materials (BSP)

UV light supports many chemical processes such as the formation of vitamin D3 in human skin, curing of paints and varnishes, controlling the growth of bacteria and plants, deep curing of plastics, cleaning of air and surfaces, and many more.
LWB's luminescent UV materials are mainly used for light sources in the medical and cosmetics industries. In this segment, LWB is the global leader in silica-based systems (BSP) for powerful UVA/B light sources.
Since we are entirely focused on human well-being, our production of these luminescent materials puts great emphasis on top quality and continuity, which we ensure by our own quality assurance and close cooperation with our customers.
Another type of value we add for our customers is our unique selling proposition in the shape of coating by chemical vapour deposition (CVD) which adds an Al2O3-based protective coating to our luminescent materials. This coating not only improves the processing of our luminescent UV materials but extends their life in the lamp and increases their UV light output.
LWB is planning to continuously expand its portfolio of luminescent UV materials in order to explore new areas of business together with our customers. Do not hesitate to contact us if you are in search of a tailor-made UV light solution.

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