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Small particles that punch above their weight

As one of the most significant suppliers of quality luminescent materials to major industrial sectors in this segment.

For over 70 years, LWB has been a supplier of materials, innovation and expertise to the lighting, display, automotive, analytics, cosmetics, medicine and sensor technology companies throughout Europe and the world. It is no surprise or coincidence that we are Europe’s premier and only one-stop supplier for inorganic phosphors

  • LED phosphors
  • EL phosphors

Our portfolio of tried-and-tested standard products and unique specialities is the result of our collaboration with discerning and loyal customers.

special phosphors

Invisible particles for visible success

We are not limited to just our extensive portfolio of classical luminescent materials, we also offer a range of special solutions that emit radiance beyond the human spectral range such as:

  • UV phosphors
  • Infrared phosphors
  • scintillators (X-ray phosphors)

These products can also be combined with other luminescent materials and VIS phosphors in order to be creatively used in many light sources such as discharge and excimer lamps as well as LEDs.

We ensure that our special phosphors are optimised for maximum efficiency and, if required, they can be further enhanced by the addition of a specially developed protective coating. This treatment optimises the finish of the phosphors, increases the life cycle and improves UV light-emitting efficiency.

As a result, our customers can develop products with an exceptionally long life in a wide range of applications.

security pigments

Material-integrated authentication

Our security pigments are used in sophisticated applications such as bank notes, security documents and industrial products to verify product authenticity, provide robust proof of counterfeits, track products and prevent parallel trade or reimports.

LWB security pigments and detection technology are developed in close cooperation with our customers and are functionally interlinked.

Our reliable light-resistant, chemical-resistant and heat-resistant safety pigments can be easily incorporated in various carriers and materials to become an integral part of the end product. This means they cannot be modified or replaced.

zinc sulphides

Maximum purity for complex tasks

We manufacture zinc sulphides in a high-tech production process with a maximum purity of up to 99.99 per cent. These are finished to the optimum particle size distribution for the respective application by way of precise controls. They also serve as the base material for manufacturing our luminescent materials and are sold across the world in sophisticated industries.

This premium LWB quality is produced in accordance with particularly stringent specifications in a separate building to avoid cross-contamination with other chemicals or luminescent materials.

Customers from the semiconductor industry, polymer technology, chemicals industry as well as manufacturers of optical materials and users of luminescent materials have relied on our innovativeness and the premium quality of our zinc sulphides for many decades.

particle coating

Innovative material classes thanks to CVD technology

We offer a specially developed and perfected solution for functional nano-coatings for depositing high-quality layers with a specified chemical composition and structure on inorganic particles.

Our CVD method can be used to deposit numerous materials – including metals, semiconductors, oxides, composite materials and more. We offer this application in all crossover technologies as part of our joint development service.

We also perform contract coating, including on your own materials which we first test in our experimental reactor in order to be able to establish the necessary steps and requirements with you.

We have already developed successful solutions for many different end uses and have substantial experience to draw on:

  • UV radiation sources for technology and medicine
  • Light sources with an excellent emission maintenance
  • Oxidation protection for high-temperature materials
  • Heat-dissipating coatings in the electronics industry
  • Insulating layers in microelectronics
  • Semiconductor coatings