particle coatings

Innovative material classes thanks to CVD technology

We offer a specially developed and perfected solution for functional nano-coatings for depositing high-quality layers with a specified chemical composition and structure on inorganic particles.

Our CVD method can be used to deposit numerous materials – including metals, semiconductors, oxides, composite materials and more. We offer this application in all crossover technologies as part of our joint development service.

We also perform contract coating, including on your own materials which we first test in our experimental reactor in order to be able to establish the necessary steps and requirements with you.

We have already developed successful solutions for many different end uses and have substantial experience to draw on:

  • UV radiation sources for technology and medicine
  • Light sources with an excellent emission maintenance
  • Oxidation protection for high-temperature materials
  • Heat-dissipating coatings in the electronics industry
  • Insulating layers in microelectronics
  • Semiconductor coatings

phosphor pigments coated and uncoated in comparison