We look forward to your project

Our development processes are always clearly structured.

This keeps our project management simple. We work with our customers to map out and draw up project schedules and specifications. This allows us to incorporate your own project planning at any point and deliver work packages on time.

Fruitful partnership

We share our knowledge with you right from the outset. This saves you both time and money, optimising the progression of the project.

Right from the development stage, we can help you with appropriate material samples and applicationspecific technical support.

We have extensive know-how to provide technical assistance for testing within our technical centre and also at our customers’ facilities, if should be required.

Our experienced employees are well versed in the science and art of their specialist fields and are always happy and willing to spend time on your company, your project and your requirements.

Application laboratory

Our extensive and fully equipped laboratories provide us with the capacity and facility to provide liquid and paste carrier matrixes for customers’ particle and pigment requirements. Along with our automatic coating technology, our in-house screen, offset and flexographic printing facilities provide diverse, accurate and reliable physical testing cabilities.

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