We take responsibility

Ethics and social responsibility are an important and integral part of our corporate culture. We are conscious of our responsibility for society and the environment and we act accordingly.

We are convinced that future-oriented development ensures the necessary balance between society, industry and the environment.

We love our region
We love working together with local partners such as schools and trades. We know that this engagement which we undertake as a matter of course is a driver for regional employment.

Corporate values

Professional and responsible conduct

Our company’s success in achieving its objectives comes down to how we identify and conduct ourselves. With this in mind, LWB holds the same values agreed for the entire TREIBACHER INDUSTRIE AG Group: 

  • We are a chemical company that operates internationally and is located in Germany.

  • We are a competent partner for sophisticated product solutions in our fields of business.

  • We are a strategically significant and reliable partner that builds trust through continuity, flexibility, market knowledge and financial stability.

  • We are a strong partner because of our customer focus, expertise and solution orientation. We are open to new ideas and drive innovation forward.

  • We support the success of our customers with a secure supply of raw materials, efficient manufacturing processes and high quality products that reliably meet the quality standards agreed.

  • We are committed to sustainable, resource-saving production and fully accept our responsibility towards stakeholders, employees, society and the environment.

  • We know that our employees foster the success of our company. We support and encourage them by ensuring optimum working conditions and a good working environment. 
Code of Conduct

We consider ethics and good conduct to be matters of key importance.

Consistent monitoring underscores our successes and reveals further opportunities for improvement. Every manager and employee is held to these standards and their effective implementation. 

The following summarises how all companies of the TREIBACHER INDUSTRIE AG Group – and therefore also LWB – conduct themselves in relation to all stakeholders, both internal and external. 


Code of Conduct (pdf)


For people and the environment

Our professional environmental management function is integrated into our planning and manufacturing processes.

We constantly monitor our current emissions and pollution by taking numerous measurements every year.

We work closely and constructively with all stakeholders and authorities. At Leuchtstoffwerk Breitungen, investment in environmental protection accounts for over 20 per cent of our total investment.

We work in accordance with the following certifications:

DIN EN ISO 14001
DIN EN ISO 50001



You want to report a violation. On the following pages we provide you with a technical room that is only accessible to you and us. You can use this to send your information confidentially to the investigation office. There, your message will be processed by specialized and experienced staff.

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