EL materials


After acquiring the luminescent materials business of US-based GTP in 2015, Leuchtstoffwerk Breitungen GmbH expanded its already multifaceted product portfolio by further products containing electroluminescent (EL) materials which are mainly used in EL foils and EL wires. Compared to LEDs, these materials are fairly unknown as yet although they have remarkable properties and unique features such as:

  • production in almost any shape or  surface,
  • flexible and mechanically enduring,
  • very lightweight and low-profile,
  • low heat generation and power consumption,
  • uniform, steady, non-glare light,
  • dimmable,
  • resistant to changing temperatures.

LWB offers many different emission colours ranging from blue, cyan and green to orange and white. The correlated colour temperature (CCT) of white shades can be adjusted to match our customers' needs by changing the composition of materials such that the application can later produce warm or cool white shades.
Leuchtstoffwerk Breitungen GmbH sets the scale with regard to its technological know-how. We are using the existing CVD technology to put a protective coating around the very moisture-sensitive luminescent particles. The coating significantly increases the luminescent material's resistance to moisture and other external influences. This way we are tremendously extending the material's life. EL applications made from LWB's luminescent materials are therefore noted for their excellent long-term stability and high illuminance.

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