Luminescent LED materials

Luminescent LED materials

Since the 1990s, LEDs (light emitting diodes), in conjunction with luminescent materials, have come a long way and undergone a remarkable development in the areas of general lighting and light generation. LWB has been shaping this trend right from the start and is providing its customers with tailor-made proprietary LED materials from its own production and development.
Our broad portfolio of patents allows our customers to serve the market with high-quality and innovative LED products.

LWB produces many different light conversion materials for a wide range of general, special and backlight lighting applications. We can therefore accommodate almost any customer requirement by custom-fit luminescent materials or material compounds.
Generic systems that the LED materials are based on are orthosilicate (green to orange), garnet (green to orange) and nitridosilicate (orange to red). They support the generation of many different luminous colours. This range can still be extended by special-purpose luminescence systems to close the cyan gap or to add near infrared spectral components, for example.

Through a broad patent portfolio, we give our customers the opportunity to serve the market with high quality and innovative LED products.

LWB provides a wide range of conversion phosphors for a variety of general, specialty and backlight applications. This means that tailor-made phosphors or phosphor blends can be produced for almost all customer requirements.

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