Luminescent safety materials

Luminescent safety materials

Many companies from very different industries today suffer considerable financial losses caused by the ever-increasing number of imitations and counterfeits. The copies are of astounding quality and can often hardly be told apart from the original. It is not only the damage to the image of brand product manufacturers but the high potential risk of unjustified complaints and compensation claims.
LWB's safety pigments protect against imitations, counterfeits and plagiarism by marking, authenticating and validating products and documents. For more than a decade, LWB has been a certified supplier of high-security products.

LWB's offering for these applications includes a broad range of inorganic luminescent materials such as:

  • Up-conversion materials with characteristic luminescence properties,
  • UV-excited materials of different emission colours.

Our luminescent materials are:

  • insensitive to thermal loads,
  • chemically resistant to all standard environmental conditions,
  • stable in the long term.

Apart from the standard grain sizes between 5 µm and 8 µm, we can also supply luminescent powders at grain sizes < 3 µm for offset-printing.
Typical applications include paints and varnishes, fabric and cellulose fibres, master batches as well as plastics, ceramics and coatings.
Teaming with Sensor Instruments Systemtechnik GmbH, we also offer harmonised and customer-specific combinations of luminescent materials and sensors for quick and reliable product authentication.
Dedicated product developments ensure that our customers will meet stricter safety levels.

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